Winter Hair Color to Try for 2018

Honey Blonde Hair, Platinum Blonde, Terra Cotta Red, Rose Gold, Chocolate Ombré, Sombre Baby Lights, Natural Black. 

Honey Blonde Hair for the natural looking blonde with the just right light brown with natural looking sun kissed light blonde.

Platinum Blonde, yes this has been the rage lately and let’s face it, it looks amazing when done right… on the right person. Be patient and remember, to have this trendy look it may take more than one visit to get the perfect icy blonde.

Terra Cotta Red, ok this is not for everyone but if you got to have the faded auburn  look like Kate Mara’s wore recently this is a unique and cool look.

Rose Gold has been seen on the daring starlets recently like Bella Hadid and Nicki Manij. It’s goes well with both warm or cool skin tones depending on the hue of Rose Gold.

Chocolate Ombré comes from the popular blonde version but for dark hair. It’s a beautiful look for the dark hair beauty that wants to lighten just a hint on the ends.

Sombre Baby Lights has been a salon favorite for some time. It’s an Ombre’ but much more subtle and natural looking.

Natural Dark Brunette when you have dark hair you must celebrate it and keep it looking rich and beautiful. Black hair has been seen as a recent but past fad so warming it up but keeping your hair looking natural is the key.


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Ombre, Sombre or Balayage or Foilayage Highlights

Combination of Foilayage and Balayage Highlights

Combination of Foilayage and Balayage Highlights

Ombre and Sombre highlights have been popular and for good reason, they’re pretty and are low maintenance compared to color that is placed at the root. If you looking for a beautiful, naturally looking highlight then one of these techniques are a good solution for you. Today we will learn some of differences between the techniques used to achieve this looks.

Let’s get into Foilayage vs. Balayage


For the client who has darker hair it’s the exact same placement as balayage just using foil. We need to use foil on darker hair to ensure we can get your desired level of lift. Also ensuring you’re not left with “brassy” highlights.


Balayage works best with medium blondes and lighter. Lifting more than two levels can damage hair and make it feel dry and fragile. Levels are measured 1-10, if you’re a natural level 6 (light brown) and you want to be a level 10 (pale blonde) your stylist may suggest we do this in more than one visit to ensure your hair stays looking healthy.

Foils: Partial Foil and Full Foil

Most clients are fearful of foil because in the past they feel it isn’t look natural, sun kissed.Foils, when done the way they were intended to look, look natural with lots of natural dimension. Meaning, you should not have to “Low Light” because you are using you natural color as a back drop for you highlights.

Next step:

If you’re considering this look the first place to start in booking a consultation to find out what’s best for your hair. Stacie Bowie and the staff at Bowie salon are specialists in this beautiful and trendy look à la Rachel Bilson, Jessica Biel or Gisele Bündchen. We train our Hair Color Experts extensively to guarantee they take the utmost care to keep your hair looking healthy and naturally beautiful.

Our recommendation: Consultation first so we can create a realistic hair color Goal and Path. A more blended and brighter hair color that enhances your features for a more natural look is a beautiful look that Jessica Biel represents very well. But that may or may not be what you’re looking for. Healthy looking hair makes you look more youthful so taking a little more time to get the saturation in you hair color may be YOUR best path to achieving you hair color goal. Over-processing to hurry the hair color process leads to frizzy, damaged and unhealthy looking hair. In a previous post we talk about this (here)


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New Color Wow: Root Touch Up

Need a few more days in-between colors? ColorWow root touch up; a pigmented powder that includes a brush for easy application!

Color Wow: Root Touch Up

How it works…
-Apply to dry hair
-Load up the small end of brush with powder
-Pull hair flat against head
-Press brush into roots using a dabbing motion
-Let sit for a minute and dust off excess powder


Hair Color Tips and Myths

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Helpful Tips

We appreciate you and want to help you keep your hair and skin looking healthy and beautiful. Here’s a few things you may not know.


1. Coloring your hair?

Day of: Come in for your appointment with clean hair, or washed yesterday hair. Clean hair takes color and lifts better. The myth that dirty hair is helps is not true.

Wash Twice maybe three times!

  • Tip: We recommend you wash 2-3 times a week depending on you lifestyle and hair. Also, when you wash, wash your hair 2-3 times. The first time removes the majority of the oil and pollution that our hair collects in our daily lives and the second and third wash, if necessary, cleans and prepares your hair for styling or coloring. You’ll notice you will need less and less shampoo the cleaner you hair gets.

    Benefit: Your hair will feel great, style easier and keep it looking healthy and vibrant and except color better and cover gray better.

    Tip: Ask your stylist to use and recommend a shampoo and conditioner that is right for your hair type and condition. This will help you understand the benefits of the products and can help you reach your desired look.


Hair Color Goal: Having a realistic goal helps you be happier with you hair color. Talk with your stylist about what a realistic expectation looks like. We train our stylist to listen to your needs so you input and clarity helps immensely!

2. Parking, as a convenience we have off street parking available in the Republic parking lot on Belmont Ave next to the salon. Just park in one of our reserved customer parking spots and sign in at the desk. It’s only $3 or max $6 and unlike street parking, no parking tickets for going over the time limit.

3. Facials for as low as $25 – $65 from Repechage Skin Care! A good skin routine will help your skin to remain looking youthful and smoother and repair fine lines and wrinkles. Ask for a skin diagnosis next time you’re in, it’s complimentary.

4. Shop Online Free Shipping of $85

Running out of you favorite shampoo or conditioner? We have all our haircare products from SHU UEMURA and Kerastase or Rene Furterer and skincare
available at our online store Free Shipping of $85

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Hair Color Issue

Seattle Magazine: Instagram Inspirations

Hair Color, when done properly can make you look more youthful and make you feel beautiful and confident. It has the ability to define your look and bring out a great hair cut. Many factors are involved to achieve a particular hair color though. Some of those can be things you might not think about like skin tone, eye color and some more obvious like natural hair color and undertones among many others. 
When done properly Hair Color can not only change your look but it can have profound impact on how you feel about yourself and how others see you. It may be “just hair” but notice how your confidence next time you have a bad hair day or a GREAT hair day! We all have different personality types just try the Briggs/Myers test or one of the others and you’ll see how different and incredibly different we all are. Are you conservative, wild and adventurous or something else? It can also be an emotional decision so we take many factors into consideration when guests come in for a new look.

Seattle Magazine recently published an article title Instagram Inspiration: Amazing Hair Color in which they speak about the writers love for visiting the salon and posing the question “What color are you planning on playing with in the New Year? These gorgeous hair-color shots should help you if you need some style inspiration”. Thank you @Seattlemag for including us in your article among Seattle’s talented local Colorist.

Have you been thinking about a change or are you curious on what color or style would be best for you? Book a color consultation with us and we can help you find you personalities “color”.

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The Number #1 Thing Bowie Stylists Want You To Know

Recently Stacie has been nominated as “NW Hair Colorists of the Year” by The NW Styling Awards. It is a great honor, and our salon thanks the board for the amazing nomination. Each year the nominees are to create a hair transformation using hair color to demonstrate the exceptional styling of their salon. We thought this would be a perfect opportunity to help our clients understand that these transformations won’t just happen in one appointment.

Don’t take our word for it? Celebrity Khloé Kardashian recently posted an Instagram photo of her incredible hair transformation quoting her stylist Tracey Cunningham saying, “‘wish all clients were like @khloekardashian #patient …. Don’t you? I bet your clients hand you a picture of Khloe Kardashian and say I would like to look like Khloé in one session’ -Tracey.” Khloé continues on to say, “People seem to forget that my progression from dark to blonde took time. First I was chocolate brown, and then I added some highlights, then it was my ombre phase and now I am a blonde. Point is listen to the professionals.”
Screen Shot 2015-10-06 at 6.20.42 PM

Khloe’s stylist, Tracey Cunningham, goes on to tell Allure that Khloé’s hair transformation took over 3 to 4 months, in addition to many Olaplex treatments to restore the hair bonds therefore keeping her hair looking healthy.

We recently did a similar transformation with our Stylist’s Megan for the NW Fashion Awards Colorist of the Year Nomination.

Stage 1

The first stage of the process was dedicated to lifting Megan’s deep brown hair. Stacie first bleached the ends, and halfway through the processing time Megan’s roots were bleached. The end result of this turned her hair into a “Chicken Fat” yellow. Pictured below.


To prevent Megan’s hair from becoming too compromised, Stacie made sure to follow the color with an Olaplex treatment. This helped make the bonds of her hair stronger. This treatment helps push the limits of your hair, while still ensuring that hair will not be too damaged from the bleach.

The total process took approximately 3 hours.


Stage 2

Next, Stacie let the hair rest and air oxidizes for 48 hours. It was left alone to allow the pigments to settle and give the hair a break. This allows the next stage to not act too aggressively on her hair.

Stage 3

The next stage required the same process as done before. Three hours of lifting, but now to the palest yellow possible. This color was a light yellow, similar to the inside of a banana peel.

After the color was lifted, Stacie controlled the pigment through toning. This adds back in the color she wanted, while canceling out color that she didn’t want to see.

Stage 4

The next stage was to finish with a luxury keratin complex treatment. Megan highlighted that this was the best part. By adding in more keratin to the hair, it “fills in the potholes” of the hair cuticles. It allows hair to be stronger, reduce frizz, and reduce blowdrying time significantly. Megan says, “Keratin Complex gave my hair an extra element of lusciousness, it’s amazing! It holds my styler longer, and it made my hair so shiny, even after all the coloring.”


Stage 5

After Megan’s hair was the right shade that Stacie wanted, all that needed to be done was add in the color. This is the final stage and got her to this beautiful light blue.



When asked about this process, Megan said, “Remember that when changing your hair color it really changes your entire lifestyle. It takes a lot of devotion: changing your make-up palette, changing your clothes, and maybe even your eye brow color. This process could take weeks, and it will require lots of work. But the outcome is amazing, unique, and I couldn’t be happier.”

NW Hair Contest Before_After

Due to circumstances, we were able to fast-forward Megan’s process. However just like Tracey Cunningham stated, it took Chloé 3 to 4 months to achieve her look. We would like to remind everyone that everyone’s hair is different and all take time. Just like Tracey, we believe that to get a certain look clients must be patient and realistic. We can get you to the desired look but it may take some time, and 100% commitment. It won’t happen overnight but we promise to get you there!


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Hair Color Trends for Fall 2015

As our summer tan begins to fade away and the weather starts to become a little cooler, we need a new, refreshing look to compliment the fall season.

The newest member of the Ombre Family

Babylights are still one of the biggest hits of the year! Celebrities like Jessica Biel, Lily Aldridge and Chrissy Teigen have been rocking this look for some time now. This is a subtle, “sun kissed” blend of colors that make you look like you just came back from a nice sun-filled vacation. Although this is becoming more of a common trend, Bowie Salon has been perfecting babylights for years. Unlike Ombre where there is a distinct, bold contrast, Babylights are soft, strategically placed strands of lightened hair. It’s so fine and delicate that the look is very natural. It’s as if you were born with them. Stacie Bowie describes them as “the type of hair you had when you were young,” hence the name. This look is great for all types of hair, and is very low maintenance. Babylights help give your existing style a more dynamic and healthy look.

If you can’t choose, go both!

Bronde, when it’s too difficult to take a stance on the blonde vs brunette debate, now there’s no reason to choose. Blake Lively, Cara Delevigne, and Gigi Hadid have been some of the latest celebrity to staple this look. If you can’t differentiate if a celebrity’s hair is either brown or blonde, most likely it’s both! Bronde is a blend of caramel shades and warmer blondes weaved together harmoniously. It works for any skin tone, and any hair cut. It’s a great transition to the summer hues into the cooler fall colors. It’s so versatile and subtle, it works on just about everyone. Having the mobility to go so many different directions with this look, going Bronde seems like the perfect option this fall. 

The New Strawberry Blonde

Strawberry Blonde to another level! We’re not sure what to call it yet but we are seeing more and more stars choose to color their hair in different untraditional shades. It’s not quite pastel but just the perfect amount of color to completely stand out. The newest blonde has strong hints of rose gold, making hair shimmer with soft pinks. The latest celeb rocking this look has been Giuliana Rancic, but don’t worry this look will soon become the latest trend. Featured on the newest issue of American Salon, Ted Gibson styles this models hair beautifully.

Who Doesn’t Love Chocolate

In the coming cooler months, this rich, deep reddish brown shades are the obvious color choice. If you are trying to go for a sexier, edgier, and more mysterious, this may be the perfect style for you. Recently, all the blonde stars are switching over to the dark side, like Lily James and Emilia Clarke. Think richer and bolder, giving you a dominant, strong look, but totally understated at the same time!

All look available on our Pinterest!

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Fresh, New Hair Trends to Try This Spring!

As the Seattle Sun comes out, it’s always fun to try and freshen things up. These Newest Hair Colors for the Spring can give you inspiration on your next new look!


Babylights are the perfect style for people who are afraid to take the plunge on going full ombre. This is a subtle, “sun kissed” blend of colors that make you look like you just came back from a nice sun-filled vacation. Although this is becoming a more common trend, Bowie Salon has been perfecting babylights for years. Unlike Ombre where there is a distinct, bold contrast, Babylights are soft, strategically placed strands of lightened hair. It’s so fine and delicate that the look is very natural. It’s as if you were born with them. Stacie Bowie describes them as “the type of hair you had when you were young,” hence the name. This look is great for all types of hair, and is very low maintenance. Babylights help give your existing style a more dynamic and healthy look.


Easter Pastels

For the bold risk-takers that are seeking change, try taking your hair to the next level with Easter Pastels colors like Rose Gold Blonde or Seafoam Green. The latest celebrities have been welcoming in the Spring with bright colors in their hair. The great thing is you can always ease into things by trying subtle accents. Also, these light colors are flexible with your lifestyle. Once Spring is over, they can easily be transitioned into a different color if you choose to. These bold colors allow you a fun change and no commitment! Celebrities such as Kylie Kardashian, Nicole Richie, Julianne Hough, and Katy Perry have all enjoyed their distinct rainbow looks.


Going Grey

Many people associate grey hair as a symbol for aging, but many young people have tried to change this around by starting this new trend. The metallic and grey have been spotted on catwalks as well as stars like Cara Delevingne, Rihanna, and Ellie Goulding have all achieved this look. The “Granny Grey” has been redefining grey hair in addition of giving an edgy feel to your look. From accents of blonde to a darker spectrum silver, there is a grey that can fit anyone. Women everywhere are embracing the grey!


Screen Shot 2015-02-12 at 3.17.02 PM


ELLE Magazine’s Best Hair in America 2014

Come in Today to find out why Elle Magazine is recognizing Bowie Salon and Spa as being one of the Best Salons in America for the third year in a row!

ELLE girl 2014-1

ELLE JULY 2014We are so humble for all of the recognition we have been receiving lately and want to thank all of stylists and loyal clients for helping us get to where we are now. In July’s issue, ELLE included a ton of products that are offered and used in our salon. Like, Shu Uemura’s Essence Absolue used in our Bowie Blowout and Kératase Cristalliste Cristal Sculpt to seal and keep the shine in your hair.

ELLE wrote an article called “5 Secrets to Sexy Hair (Without a Blow-dryer)” and the stylists at Bowie Salon and Spa want to tell you their secrets too!


1. Have a healthy scalp! A trick to achieve a healthy scalp is to shampoo twice. The first shampoo allows the oils to breakdown from your roots and the second shampoo is get rid of all those oils from your hair.

2. Towel Dry before Conditioning! Excess water will dilute your conditioner, so make sure that you get as much water out as possible to get the full benefits of your conditioner.

3. Hot Tools! If you love the salon blow out look and want to achieve it at home, then use the right tools. Start with a heat protectant and a 1” or 1 ½” curling iron or hot stick after you blowdry your hair. Make sure to get your completely dry though. Try these products to give your hair that bounce that you desire also try Essence Absolue oil or Kerastase Immersion it’ll help make you hair feel soft, reduse frizz and help hold the hair.

4. Heat protectants! You can protect you hair with a wide range of products like Essence Absolue Oil & Cream by SHU UEMURA or Nectar Thermique by Kerastase. Use them prior to using blow dryers or hot tools. Use them sparingly and properly or it can make you hair feel weighed down however, the only way to treat already severely damaged hair is to see a experienced hair stylist and have them give you a proper haircut.

5. Get your hair trimmed regularly. Having a regular trim is very important for healthy hair. If you see your stylists consistently then you will have better results and be happy with the way your hair looks.

UPDATE(08/19/2014)- The Today Show featured celebrity stylist Ted Gibson who showed viewers how to achieve summer beach waves in the comfort of your own home! Check it out here.

There is also an amazing article on that talks about the Most Requested Haircuts in 2014. Come stop by one of ELLE’s-approved salons to freshen your look. Call 206 568 3300 or book online to get an appointment today! Book online

Back to School!

Blonde blonde blonde image blog

Time to freshen your look and start the school year off right!

Did you know that excessive exposure to the sun can cause damage to not only your skin, but also to your hair? UVA rays distress your hair from its cuticle to its inner structure. This can create a feel of weak, dry and brittle hair especially after a whole summer of tanning.

Chlorine also plays a role in stripping your hair of its natural nutrients by breaking down the natural oils on your scalp. These essential oils protect your hair from damage and to counteract the chlorine, we suggest you try Shu Uemura Essence oil to treat dry, unruly hair.

Come visit Bowie Salon and Spa who have been showered with awards from the industry’s top magazines, like Vogue, ELLE, Allure, Seattle Metropolitan, and more! Don’t miss out the chance to get your hair done by the top stylists in the city.

 EXPIRED!!! As an incentive for students, we are offering a EXPIRED!!! $25 gift certificate  EXPIRED!!! when you book an appointment before September 5th. All you need to do is mention the words “FRESH START”  at booking or bring in a student ID to get this limited time offer.  EXPIRED!!!

Promotion valid from August 5th-September 5th and cannot be combined with any other promotions

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