The Most Popular Haircuts Around the Country –

Book a haircut appointment today interviewed Stacie Bowie for their haircut article The Most Popular Haircuts Around the Country

The article featured many great looking haircuts and styles that are popular around America. You find different looks, opinions and styles but they are all beautiful and insightful for their different views. Book today  (here) it’s a very good read with beautiful photos. – Is there an especially popular haircut women are requesting lately?

Stacie Bowie – The Lob is a popular haircut request – Why do you think it’s popular? (Does it work for a lot of hair types, easy maintenance, etc?)

Stacie Bowie – The Lob or Long Bob is popular because it is a very versatile cut that looks good with varying lengths making it perfect for all face shapes and life styles. It’s suitable for most hair types. To help style it, I use ESSENCE ABSOLUE NOURISHING PROTECTIVE OIL –Do you have any tips for what someone should ask her stylist in order to get this cut?

Stacie Bowie – My advice is, don’t be afraid to show pictures of what you have in mind. Also, be open to your stylist’ advice and let them guide you. For example, if you are a brunette with frizzy curly hair and you show them a picture of a blonde with fine sleek hair, that’s not realistic for you. Also pick a style that matches your lifestyle and amount of effort you are willing to put into styling your hair everyday.

Pictured below, The Lob worn straight or wavy to show it’s versatility

Their are many factors in choosing a haircut that will be flattering for you. Book a consultation with one of our trained professionals to find out what will look best on you. Call or Text 206-568-3300



Multi-use hair oil that moisturizes and protects hair with intense nutrition. Camellia Oil absorbs rapidly, deep into the hair’s cortex, leaving it soft and silky with high shine. This velvety hair oil rebalances the hair’s moisture level and provides all-day UV protection without weighing down even the finest of hair. Formulated for daily use. Safe on color-treated hair.


Sleek Blowouts
High-Shine Updos
Healthy Looking Lengths
1. To use as a styling aid, apply 1 pump to your hands (a little goes a long way) and work through hair from mid-lengths to ends.
2. To use as a pre-shampoo treatment, use 3-4 pumps and comb into dry hair before shampooing.
3. To use as a conditioning treatment, apply 1 pump each to 4 sections of hair from mid-lengths through ends, and massage into scalp.
4. Leave overnight and style as normal in the morning.


For All Hair Types

Hair Color Issue

Seattle Magazine: Instagram Inspirations

Hair Color, when done properly can make you look more youthful and make you feel beautiful and confident. It has the ability to define your look and bring out a great hair cut. Many factors are involved to achieve a particular hair color though. Some of those can be things you might not think about like skin tone, eye color and some more obvious like natural hair color and undertones among many others. 
When done properly Hair Color can not only change your look but it can have profound impact on how you feel about yourself and how others see you. It may be “just hair” but notice how your confidence next time you have a bad hair day or a GREAT hair day! We all have different personality types just try the Briggs/Myers test or one of the others and you’ll see how different and incredibly different we all are. Are you conservative, wild and adventurous or something else? It can also be an emotional decision so we take many factors into consideration when guests come in for a new look.

Seattle Magazine recently published an article title Instagram Inspiration: Amazing Hair Color in which they speak about the writers love for visiting the salon and posing the question “What color are you planning on playing with in the New Year? These gorgeous hair-color shots should help you if you need some style inspiration”. Thank you @Seattlemag for including us in your article among Seattle’s talented local Colorist.

Have you been thinking about a change or are you curious on what color or style would be best for you? Book a color consultation with us and we can help you find you personalities “color”.

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Thank you ELLE magazine for voting Bowie Salon and Spa one of THE TOP 100 HAIR SALONS IN AMERICA for 2015! Since our inception in 2005 this honor has been awarded to us for 5 of those 10 years and 4 years straight. We are honored and excited to be nominated as one of the “ELLE’s Top salons in America” and will continue to bring you the top looks and trends and top beauty products to help you look and feel you absolute best.

Elle recently interviewed with Stacie to understand Bowie Salon and Spa and our successful salon culture.


ELLE: What are the three most frequently requested celebrity haircuts?

Stacie: Chrissy Teigen, Vanessa Hudgens, and Lily Collins.

Clients trying to look effortlessly sexy, it’s Chrissy Teigen’s hair that they want. Her signature loose curls can be easily achievable- using Shu Uemura’s Texture Wave Spray in damp hair before blow-drying, and then spray a little more in before using the outside of a curling iron to give you the sexy texture you desire.

For a great transitioning cut, from their once long hair to something shorter, many request Vanessa Hudgens fresh clean-cropped look. Easily manageable, to attain this we recommend blow drying with Shu Uemura’s Ample Angora for fullness and a little bit of Shu Uemura Absolue Oil for added shine and smoothness.

Lily Collins has a unique and timeless look that many clients in the salon want to reach. Her super short cut has femininity and poise, but also an important element, versatility. By using Shu Uemura’s Cotton Uzu, it allows the “Lily look” to have a lightweight, flexible hold. It creates a soft but controlled touch while adding movement and shine.

ELLE: What are the most common celebrity hair colors requested for blondes, brunettes, and redheads?


Blonde clients want the Khloe Kardashian, Suki Waterhouse, and Blake Lively look. They lean towards the richness and warmth of these celebrities colours. Having varying tones of highlights, gives depth, instead of looking flat or drabby.

For Brunette’s, Olivia Munn, Jessica Alba, and Lily Aldridge all are requested frequently. Their multi-dimensional brown-jeweled tones give complexion and a warm feel.

Redheads like Emma Stone and Jessica Chastain are loved by clients because of their natural looking copper tones.

Non-traditional colors are all the hit now, check out our recent blog post about it! Looks like Kylie Jenner, Nicole Richie, and Hilary Duff are so fun and so the norm now. They’re not intimidated anymore. It’s ‘on fleek.’

ELLE: What was the single, best selling hair product that every woman in Seattle loves and is obsessed with?

Stacie: Without hesitation, Shu Uemura’s Essence Absolue Oil. It works on ALL hair types. It’s a 100% dessert must have! It gives your hair perfect hydration without any heavy greasy after effects. Clients here buy it by the case! It can also be used as a hair treatment or even put on your skin after a shower. It is universal; not only does it protect hair but it is lightweight, versatile, and smells amazing!

ELLE: What is the best product for making a blowout last longer? Why?

Stacie: Shu Uemura’s Texture Wave Spray. It’s light powdery feel with incredible hold. It works on any type of hair; anybody can use it! It especially gives great volume to fine hair, and creates definition on normal to thick hair. It won’t leave your hair feeling stiff or sticky, and gives your hair a soft, matte finish look. You can use it as a great second day hair leave-in for extending that perfect blowout.

ELLE: Predict the future: What hair product do you think everyone in Seattle will fall in love with tomorrow?

Stacie: Shu Uemura’s Essence Absolue Body Oil Spray.  It is a dry oil spray that moisturizes and nourishes dry skin. It leaves you with a smooth touch and radiating skin. Just like the hair oil it leaves a non-sticky, non-greasy leave filled with nourishing camellia oil, antioxidant rich sesame oil, and moisturizing almond oil. You can use it for your hands, cuticles, or your body. It smells like a dream come true, and it makes your skin feel and smell wonderful.

ELLE: What’s the best product for making a cut last longer?

Stacie: Shu Uemura’s Essence Absolue Oil. To be honest, you would have to shampoo, condition without ever using any hot tools. A good cut can last up to 14 weeks if you baby those ends.

ELLE: What is the best product for making color last longer?

Stacie: Shu Uemura’s Color Lustre Shampoo and Conditioner. The shampoo contains Musk Rose Oil to deeply nourish hair fibers, while protecting from color washout. The conditioner provides lightweight conditioning with a glazed touch and polished shine from mid-lengths to ends while preserving the hair color.

Shu Uemura’s Urban Moisture Shampoo, along with keeping color, rebalances the moisture of dry hair and creates a velvety hair texture and supple touch from roots to ends. It makes your hair feeling like silk but not in the way of being heavy or greasy, but naturally soft. The conditioner is great for leaving a soft, smooth finish.

Kerastase Chroma Riche Shampoo and Conditioner is a color protecting shampoo for dry, highlighted, or color-treated hair. It moisturizes hair, leaving it supple to the touch. It gently cleanses hair, while adding softness and shine. It will leave your hair shimmering with radiance as your color stays intact.

Kerastase Chroma Captive is a shine intensifying masque for color-treated hair. It preserves color depth and shine for up to 40 days, when using the Chroma Captive 3-step system. It polishes the hair fiber from root to tip, leaving it smooth for maximum light reflection and shine. It protects against anti-oxidant aggressors and premature color fading.

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ELLE: Could you weigh in on the following trends for the rest of 2015?


Lobs: Yes or No? No, Bobs are where it’s at.

Scrunchies: Yes or No? Not in public please

Ombre: Yes or No? No, Baby lights please

Bangs: Yes or No? Yes, So many types of Bangs!

Braids: Yes or No? Yes, Easy way to mix it up.

Colorful hair: Yes or No? Yes, because sometimes the heart wants what the heart wants.

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ELLE Magazine’s Best Hair in America 2014

Come in Today to find out why Elle Magazine is recognizing Bowie Salon and Spa as being one of the Best Salons in America for the third year in a row!

ELLE girl 2014-1

ELLE JULY 2014We are so humble for all of the recognition we have been receiving lately and want to thank all of stylists and loyal clients for helping us get to where we are now. In July’s issue, ELLE included a ton of products that are offered and used in our salon. Like, Shu Uemura’s Essence Absolue used in our Bowie Blowout and Kératase Cristalliste Cristal Sculpt to seal and keep the shine in your hair.

ELLE wrote an article called “5 Secrets to Sexy Hair (Without a Blow-dryer)” and the stylists at Bowie Salon and Spa want to tell you their secrets too!


1. Have a healthy scalp! A trick to achieve a healthy scalp is to shampoo twice. The first shampoo allows the oils to breakdown from your roots and the second shampoo is get rid of all those oils from your hair.

2. Towel Dry before Conditioning! Excess water will dilute your conditioner, so make sure that you get as much water out as possible to get the full benefits of your conditioner.

3. Hot Tools! If you love the salon blow out look and want to achieve it at home, then use the right tools. Start with a heat protectant and a 1” or 1 ½” curling iron or hot stick after you blowdry your hair. Make sure to get your completely dry though. Try these products to give your hair that bounce that you desire also try Essence Absolue oil or Kerastase Immersion it’ll help make you hair feel soft, reduse frizz and help hold the hair.

4. Heat protectants! You can protect you hair with a wide range of products like Essence Absolue Oil & Cream by SHU UEMURA or Nectar Thermique by Kerastase. Use them prior to using blow dryers or hot tools. Use them sparingly and properly or it can make you hair feel weighed down however, the only way to treat already severely damaged hair is to see a experienced hair stylist and have them give you a proper haircut.

5. Get your hair trimmed regularly. Having a regular trim is very important for healthy hair. If you see your stylists consistently then you will have better results and be happy with the way your hair looks.

UPDATE(08/19/2014)- The Today Show featured celebrity stylist Ted Gibson who showed viewers how to achieve summer beach waves in the comfort of your own home! Check it out here.

There is also an amazing article on that talks about the Most Requested Haircuts in 2014. Come stop by one of ELLE’s-approved salons to freshen your look. Call 206 568 3300 or book online to get an appointment today! Book online

Thank you Seattle City Light and Seattle Public Utilities!


Representing Bowie Salon and Spa were Karie, Memie, and Roxy at the Mariners vs. Braves game!


Thank you Seattle City Light and Seattle Public Utilities Get on the Map campaign for honoring Bowie Salon and Spa at the Seattle Mariner’s game tonight for being the “Greenest” businesses in Seattle by our Outstanding Achievements in Resource Conservation.

The Get on the Map campaign uses an online map of Seattle’s neighborhoods to publicly recognize businesses taking actions to cut waste, save water and energy, and reduce pollution (Seattle Public Utilities).  As a community and environmentally conscious salon, we pride ourselves on being resourceful and conservative in our practices. In the past year, we have changed all of our halogen lights to LED light,  established a well-structured recycling system, and have replaced old equipment with energy, efficient equipment.

We are very excited to cheer on the Seattle Mariners this evening against the Atlanta Braves with the rest of our community!

Screen Shot 2014-08-05 at 4.45.13 PM

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Allure Magazine “Best of the Best” and Best Hair cut in Seattle 2013 is, Stacie Bowie

Allure Magazine Best of the Best winner 2013, Best Hair cut in Seattle - Bowie Salon and Spa

Allure Magazine Best of the Best winner 2013, Best Hair cut in Seattle – Bowie Salon and Spa

Thank you Allure magazine for voting Stacie Bowie and Bowie Salon and Spa as the “Best of the Best” in Seattle and for selecting Stacie Bowie’s work as Best hair cut in Seattle 2013.

Call or Text 206-568-3300 to book your consultation or haircut appointment. *please call for appointments with Stacie Bowie.

While Stacie’s philosophy has always centered around the hair cut being the foundation for any great hairstyle – and the color providing the depth for that hair style – it’s the infamous Bowie Blowouts and finishing work that make the women toss their hair as they walk out of Bowie Salon and Spa salon feeling beautiful, confident and sexy!


Here are some quotes from Allure Editors and writers from past years. ~

Most stylists want to lop off as many inches as possible, but Bowie suggested we grow our hair longer. “It would look foxy,” she explained—which was all the incentive we needed. After a shampoo and scalp massage, she evened out our choppy layers for a smoother, more uniform look. Before we left, she instructed us to return in three months so she could continue coaxing our short locks into a shoulder-length mane. Good things really docome to those who wait.

~ Allure magazine 2010

Growing out our bangs had left us with an impossible cowlick, front and center. We hoped that Bowie could disguise it, but she did us one better: Using a comb (and sleight of hand), she coaxed the hair so it swept to one side in a sexy, Veronica Lake kind of way. She then rolled a medium-size round brush up and down the rest of our hair—going over each section twice—for big, pinup-worthy volume that lasted for a blissful four days. Even after we shampooed, we were able to replicate her method and keep our bangs in line.

~ Allure magazine 2012

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ELLE Magazine’s Top 100 Salons in America

ELLE Top 100 2013 Cover 2013Bowie Salon and Spa nominated ELLE’s Top 100 Salon for 2015!

ELLE Magazine’s Top 100 Salons in America 2013

Thank you ELLE magazine for nominating Bowie Salon and Spa as ELLE magazine’s TOP 100 salons in America  again in 2013!! This is our 3rd nomination as best hair salon in Seattle and we are thrilled to be part of this elite group of salons that have proven to be some of the best in America.

Beautiful hair that looks natural is what Stacie is known for “blonde hair color like when you were a child” is what her clients say. She is simply the best around and really knows how to get that gorgeous color without damaging your hair. Want to know more? Book your consultation and hair appointment today by calling or texting 206-568-3300 or book online.


Our belief in Quality and Customer Service

We have always believed that being customer focused and delivering the highest quality of service and hair care products is what our clients want most and receiving an accolade like “the best hair salons Seattle” is very exciting. Hearing our clients say “this is the best color and best hair cut I’ve ever had!” is the most important reward for us. We spend the time to get it right the first time by allowing time to talk to you about what is possible for you hair. We look at the whole you including hair type, texture, lifestyle, style regime etc.

In the 12 years since the salon has opened, Stacie and her stylists have received glowing publicity in a variety of industry magazines, and have been recognized nationally and locally with numerous awards and accolades in ELLE magazine,, Allure Magazine, Seattle Magazine, Seattle Metropolitan, Sunset, Lucky and online *Yelp, Google, NWsource and CitySearch among others, including, “Best hair Salon Seattle”, “Best Overall hair stylist”, “best hair stylist in Seattle”, “Best Hair Colorist”, “Best Highlights”, (also awarded by ELLE and Allure Magazine) “Best Blowout”, “Best Hair Cut”, “Best Blonde colorist” — and “Best New Salon”.

While Stacie’s philosophy has always centered around the hair cut being the foundation for any great hair style – and the color providing the depth for that style – it’s the infamous Bowie Blowouts and finishing work that make the women toss their hair as they walk out of Bowie Salon and Spa salon feeling beautiful, confident and sexy.

Beautiful hair that looks natural is what Stacie is known for “blonde hair color like when you were a child” is what her clients say. She is simply the best around and really knows how to get that gorgeous color without damaging your hair.

*In 2012 Stacie Bowie was voted in as an Intercoiffure America/Canada Board of Director’s “Board Member” and in 2013 she was nominated as Intercoiffure America/Canada New Member Chairperson through 2016. She has served on the ICA Artist team, Cutting Council, and Color council and traveled extensively for advance training as well as teaching others advanced methods of color techniques around the globe.

Book your consultation and hair appointment today by phone or text at 206-568-3300 or book online at our website

Exceeding your expectations is our goal and promise to you.

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Bowie Shop _Banner ‘s Fall’s Top Color and Cut Trends

Vogue Yop Color and Cuts 2013

Thank you for including Stacie Bowie from Bowie Salon and Spa in your Hair across America: Fall’s Top Color and Cut Trends for 2012-2013. This is a great honor and privilege for us and an insightful look into new trends from Top stylist and Top Salon’s around America like Warren-Tricomi salon, Bumble and Bumble salon, Buzz Salon, Bowie Salon and Spa and others.

While Stacie Bowie’s philosophy has always centered around the cut being the foundation for any great hairstyle – and the color providing the depth for that style – it’s the infamous Bowie Blowouts and finishing work that make the women toss their hair as they walk out of Bowie Salon and Spa salon feeling beautiful, confident and sexy.

We would be honored to help you discover your perfect Color and Cut and invite you to come in for a consultation with Stacie Bowie and our highly trained Stylist. Please Call 206-568-3300 or book online cut & color Trends for Fall article – October 2012


The Salon: Bowie Salon and Spa

The Stylist: Stacie Bowie 

The Look: Ladylike lob

The Trend: “We’re over the messy bedhead thing, which has been big for a number of years now, and we’re doing more sleek and grown-up hair that hits right below the collarbone,” says stylist Stacie Bowie. “The ends are on the blunt side, but we soften them up a little bit by chipping into them with scissors so that the hair moves and doesn’t just hang. It’s no longer about razoring in layers, which makes the ends look weathered; women now want more weight at the bottom so that the hair looks full, thick, and healthy. Round-brushing gives a little volume at the root, and then we use a straightening technique to get a shiny, smooth finish. There’s not much product in the hair, so it looks naturally pretty instead of pageant-y.” ~ Stacie Bowie Master Stylist

Bowie Salon and Spa, 1507 Belmont Avenue; cut with Stacie Bowie

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Allure magazine “best of beauty” Best hair cut in Seattle 2012

Allure Cover 2012

What an honor for Stacie to be voted “Best hair cut” and best hair stylist in Seattle in Seattle by Allure magazine’s “Best of Beauty” 2012! Thank you Allure and as you know, we love this magazine and all the great articles and features about beauty and beauty products.

Stacie’s philosophy has always centered around the cut being the foundation for an great hairstyle – and the color providing the depth for that style – it’s the infamous Bowie Blowouts and finishing work that make the women toss their hair as they walk out of Bowie Salon and Spa salon feeling beautiful, confident and sexy. We would be honored to have you in our salon and help you find your perfect look. Call or Text 206-568-3300 today or book online

Allure Best of the Best 2013 voted Stacie Bowie “Best Hair Cut” in Seattle 2013.

ELLE magazine Top 100 Salons in the America 2012

ELLE Cover 2012

We would like to thank ELLE magazine for nominating Bowie Salon and spa as “Elle’s Top 100 salons in America” 2012. (See us in the 2013 issue NOW!)

This is our second nomination and we are trilled to be nominated again. Our passion is to serve the client and help them feel great about their hair, so giving our clients the absolute best hair cuts, color and styles in a warm friendly environment is paramount and staying up to date with current styles and trends keeps us at our best.

Stacie Bowie is known for being one of the best colorist in the country and has been recognized in Allure magazine, ELLE magazine, Vogue, Seattle Met, Seattle Magazine and many other fashion related publications but the real proof is with her clients.

We hear everyday how a new client comes in and has been searching for someone who can get them back to their hair color they had as a child or wants the hair color they have seen on a celebrity but has just never been able to get there. Well you can!

First, we start with a full and comprehensive color consultation to analyze you hair color and hair condition and make sure we listen to your goals and give you a clear expectation and path to gorgeous shiny, soft healthy blonde hair.  We then use only the best professional hair color, color formulation and hair care products from KERASTASE and SHU UEMURA that will get you to the “Blonde promise land” and keep you there.

One of the biggest misconceptions is that it only takes one visit or anyone can apply the color if I have my color formula. This can not be farther from the truth and why so many blonde’s have not been able to “get there”. For more information, call for a consultation with Stacie Bowie. Stacie’s 26 years of experience and ongoing training with the “best of the best” has given her the knowledge to know the right path and recognize the pitfall’s of colored blonde hair.

If you have been looking for the right blonde hair color look no farther and book a consultation with Stacie to see what she can do for you.

We would like to thank Karie, Sarah, Danny, Megan, Danielle for all their hard work and dedication to excellence and professionalism and their commitment to serving our clients. – Stacie Bowie & Scott McHugh

We would be honored to see you in our salon so please call us at 206-568-3300 or book online

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Bowie salon and spa is located at 1507 Belmont Avenue in the Pike-Pine corridor of the Capitol Hill neighborhood in Seattle, just a few minutes walk from downtown.