Fall 2016 Glamour Issue

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New Fall Collection

Stacie Bowie recently collaborated with Photographer Stephen Mitchell Gilbert and model/client Rian Buckley for this Bowie Salon Fall collection. Inspired by 70’s and 80’s Glamour and the music she loves, Stacie brought these looks together to represent Glamour, Music and Color.

The Smith’s are a favorite of Stacie’s and recent vinyl listening session brought inspiration and energy to these looks. Similar to when musicians come together to write a song they create a magic to evoke emotion in the listener, so does the hairstylist, photographer and model create their magic to evoke emotion in the viewer. A solid verse in a song is like this first look, it sets the tone of the song. This long rich wavy Brunette look brings the focus with a sexy, shiny and healthy fullness in her hair. Next the bridge, adding an element of excitement and movement with a  bright blonde highlights that then leads you to the chorus that jumps out at you in a wavy/curly blonde swirl and curl complimented by the orange/red hot dress to accent and complete the collection.

We hope enjoy these looks and we’ll see you in the salon!


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