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Kelley Baker Brows

Kelley Baker Brows in Seattle at Bowie Salon and Spa! #bowiesalonandspa

We have teamed up with Kelley Baker Brows to bring some of the best of Brow make up and brow shaping. Get the perfect brow and a lesson on how to shape, fill in and make you brows the very best they can be. Our esthetician Marie has been trained to help you get the brow shape that enhances your natural brow and can teach you how to recreate this look at home using the Collection by Kelley Baker Brows® which offers only the best and most essential tools for grooming and creating perfect eyebrows.

A Kelley Baker brow has a very distinctive natural look. Kelley’s technique has a minimalist approach and a stickler for straight lines. She believes the key to a sleek natural brow is not over doing it with product. Her signature collection of brow products was created to enhance the brows in a soft manner without looking like they are drawn on. The brows are the focal point on your face and an over done brow can make you unapproachable. #kelleybakerbrows

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