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Recently Stacie has been nominated as “NW Hair Colorists of the Year” by The NW Styling Awards. It is a great honor, and our salon thanks the board for the amazing nomination. Each year the nominees are to create a hair transformation using hair color to demonstrate the exceptional styling of their salon. We thought this would be a perfect opportunity to help our clients understand that these transformations won’t just happen in one appointment.

Don’t take our word for it? Celebrity Khloé Kardashian recently posted an Instagram photo of her incredible hair transformation quoting her stylist Tracey Cunningham saying, “‘wish all clients were like @khloekardashian #patient …. Don’t you? I bet your clients hand you a picture of Khloe Kardashian and say I would like to look like Khloé in one session’ -Tracey.” Khloé continues on to say, “People seem to forget that my progression from dark to blonde took time. First I was chocolate brown, and then I added some highlights, then it was my ombre phase and now I am a blonde. Point is listen to the professionals.”
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Khloe’s stylist, Tracey Cunningham, goes on to tell Allure that Khloé’s hair transformation took over 3 to 4 months, in addition to many Olaplex treatments to restore the hair bonds therefore keeping her hair looking healthy.

We recently did a similar transformation with our Stylist’s Megan for the NW Fashion Awards Colorist of the Year Nomination.

Stage 1

The first stage of the process was dedicated to lifting Megan’s deep brown hair. Stacie first bleached the ends, and halfway through the processing time Megan’s roots were bleached. The end result of this turned her hair into a “Chicken Fat” yellow. Pictured below.


To prevent Megan’s hair from becoming too compromised, Stacie made sure to follow the color with an Olaplex treatment. This helped make the bonds of her hair stronger. This treatment helps push the limits of your hair, while still ensuring that hair will not be too damaged from the bleach.

The total process took approximately 3 hours.


Stage 2

Next, Stacie let the hair rest and air oxidizes for 48 hours. It was left alone to allow the pigments to settle and give the hair a break. This allows the next stage to not act too aggressively on her hair.

Stage 3

The next stage required the same process as done before. Three hours of lifting, but now to the palest yellow possible. This color was a light yellow, similar to the inside of a banana peel.

After the color was lifted, Stacie controlled the pigment through toning. This adds back in the color she wanted, while canceling out color that she didn’t want to see.

Stage 4

The next stage was to finish with a luxury keratin complex treatment. Megan highlighted that this was the best part. By adding in more keratin to the hair, it “fills in the potholes” of the hair cuticles. It allows hair to be stronger, reduce frizz, and reduce blowdrying time significantly. Megan says, “Keratin Complex gave my hair an extra element of lusciousness, it’s amazing! It holds my styler longer, and it made my hair so shiny, even after all the coloring.”


Stage 5

After Megan’s hair was the right shade that Stacie wanted, all that needed to be done was add in the color. This is the final stage and got her to this beautiful light blue.



When asked about this process, Megan said, “Remember that when changing your hair color it really changes your entire lifestyle. It takes a lot of devotion: changing your make-up palette, changing your clothes, and maybe even your eye brow color. This process could take weeks, and it will require lots of work. But the outcome is amazing, unique, and I couldn’t be happier.”

NW Hair Contest Before_After

Due to circumstances, we were able to fast-forward Megan’s process. However just like Tracey Cunningham stated, it took Chloé 3 to 4 months to achieve her look. We would like to remind everyone that everyone’s hair is different and all take time. Just like Tracey, we believe that to get a certain look clients must be patient and realistic. We can get you to the desired look but it may take some time, and 100% commitment. It won’t happen overnight but we promise to get you there!


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