Sun kissed Blonde hair color and a short haircut that will get you stopped in the street

We hear everyday from our new clients how they have been searching for someone who can get them back to their hair color they had as a child or wants the hair color they have seen on a celebrity but has just never been able to get there. Well now you can!
Blonde coloe , Short haircut

Stacie has been cutting and coloring my hair for somewhere close to a decade now and I have been consistently happy with every aspect of my experience. Stacie is a fantastic stylist and the service at Bowie Salon is excellent. During my time with Stacie, my hair has ranged from long to short and, no matter what the style, it has always looked great. Currently my hair is short – my favorite way to wear it – and I can definitely vouch for the magic Stacie works with short haircuts. I get compliments on my hair all the time, and I mean literally ALL the time. Rarely does a week go by that I don’t get complimented on my hair. Women who look like they’ve just stepped out of a fashion magazine have stopped me on the street in New York City, asked me where I get my hair cut, and looked very disappointed when I’ve told them the salon is in Seattle! And my recent favorite was a woman who flagged me down as we were both driving down the street in our separate cars. She pulled up alongside me at a red light and started motioning at her head wildly. I thought she was angry at first and that I must have unknowingly cut her off or something. But then she rolled down her window and shouted “I love your hair! Where do you get it cut?” I yelled back “Bowie Salon!” as the light turned green. So, yes, I wholeheartedly recommend Stacie Bowie – she’s the best! ~ Rhonda B.

First, hair color expert Stacie Bowie and her team start with a full and comprehensive color consultation to analyze you hair color and hair condition and make sure we listen to your goals and give you a clear expectation and path to gorgeous shiny, soft healthy blonde hair. We then use only the best professional hair color, color formulation and hair care products from KERASTASE and SHU UEMURA that will get you to the “Blonde promise land” and keep you there.

One of the common misconceptions is that after hopping around from salon to salon it only takes one visit to get the color I want or anyone can apply the color if I have my color formula. Only an in-salon consultation with Stacie Bowie or a Bowie Salon color specialist will assure you’ll love you hair color. If you’ve been searching for “the best” you need to call for a consultation with Stacie Bowie. Stacie’s 26 years of experience and ongoing training with the “best of the best” has given her the knowledge to know the right path and recognize the pitfall’s of colored blonde hair.

If you have been looking for the right blonde hair color look no farther and book a consultation with Stacie to see what she can do for you.You can have that beautiful blonde hair color that you had when you were a kid again. Master Colorist Stacie Bowie is known for being one of the best colorist in the country and has been voted “Best Colorist”, “Best Blonde” and “Best hair cut” several times in national magazines like Allure magazine, ELLE magazine, Vogue and local magazines like Seattle Metropolitan, Seattle Magazine and many other fashion related publications but the real proof is with her clients. Please call or text 206-568-3300 or book online.

Call or text us at 206-568 3000 to book your color service or consultation.

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