Ombré or Sombré hair color which is right for my hair?

Ombré or Sombré which is right for my hair?

Ombré Hair Color – Lightened tips and darker roots that still look natural.  A Sombre is a newer and softer version of the Ombré that looks even more natural for 2014.

Stacie Bowie and the staff at Bowie salon are specialists in this beautiful and trendy look à la Rachel Bilson, Jessica Biel or Gisele Bündchen.

Ombré hair color is still very popular but with every trend, it’s changing. It’s no longer an extreme transition from dark to light, but Sombré has taken a more natural approach by gradually blending the color from top to bottom, so that the ends are brighter.  We train our Ombré and Sombré Hair Color Experts extensively to guarantee they take the utmost care to keep your hair looking healthy and naturally beautiful.

Our recommendation: Go for a more blended and brighter hair color that enhances your features for a more natural look.

Jessica Biel represents this very well.

Read more about our Ombré at The Radar: Seattleite  and Call or book your appointment online today 206-568-3300.

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